Saalim Ismail, is an award-winning alternative pop singer-songwriter, certified transformation life coach, and motivational speaker from Cape Town, South Africa.

Saalim embarked on his journey as a young entertainer in 1999. Right from the beginning, he mesmerized crowds with his outstanding victories in multiple talent contests. He showcased enchanting performances not only in the Western Cape region but also at prestigious events across South Africa, captivating audiences in the thousands. One notable occasion was the distinguished "Lighting of the Olympic Torch" ceremony in 2004. Throughout his career, Saalim shared the spotlight with renowned figures in the country's entertainment industry, such as Freshly Ground, Danny K, Loyiso Bala, and Gloria Bosman (RIP) to name but a few. Moreover, he had the honour of collaborating with musical legends like Vicky Sampson, the late Taliep Petersen, and Zayn Adam, all of whom were astounded by his extraordinary vocal prowess.

He has actively engaged in numerous philanthropic and musical endeavours, effectively gaining media recognition for his endeavours. In 2013, he unveiled his first-ever single, "Walking Away," which received an overwhelmingly positive response from radio stations nationwide. Building on this success, he followed up with a second single, "Stronger," in 2014. More Recently, in 2020, he crafted a remarkable humanitarian anthem titled "We Are Survivors (Singabasindileyo)." This stirring composition features collaborations with noteworthy independent artists and influential personalities such as renowned comedian Siv Ngesi and celebrated Chef Jenny Morris. Notably, this exceptional piece earned him the prestigious 021 Award and City Award.

Throughout his music career, the incorporation of philanthropy and charitable endeavours has remained an unwavering element. He has consistently provided support to numerous organizations, which include but are not limited to CANSA, Diabetes SA, Al-Waagah Institute for the Deaf, Tygerbear Foundation, ST Luke’s Hospice, and various other community upliftment projects. In addition to this, he passionately advocates for the advancement of youth development, as well as mental health and well-being.

Saalim's upbringing has placed great emphasis on education, leading him to obtain a range of diplomas and certifications. He successfully completed a Business Management diploma at Stellenbosch University, a Sound Engineering diploma at Damelin College, and acquired a Transformation Life Coaching certification from Transformation Academy. Moreover, Saalim expanded his skills by earning a Leadership and Management diploma from Shaw Academy, in addition to his coaching credentials.